MySQL is an open source relational database that powers many applications and is one of the most popular databases in the world. By using MySQL as a data destination on the Kondado platform, you can create your Data Warehouse using both MySQL and MariaDB.

To automate the ETL for your MySQL Data Warehouse with Kondado, follow the steps below:

1) Release the Kondado IPs on the database server (and in your VPC) for the port that will be used to connect with MySQL (usually 3306)

2) On the Kondado platform, go to the add new destinations page and select the MySQL data destination

3) Name your destination and fill in your database information:

Address: Use the IP or DNS of your database for external access

Port: Fill in the port to be used for access (usually 3306)

Database: fill in the name of the database

User: database access user. This user must have DROP, INSERT, CREATE, ALTER, SELECT and DELETE permissions

Password: User access password to the database


a) The sql_require_primary_key parameter must be disabled – it is common for clouds like Digital Ocean to leave it enabled

b) Settings such as STRICT_TRANS_TABLES that require values in all columns (default value constraint) must be disabled

Now you can save your data destination and start using MySQL as your Data Warehouse.