Frequently asked questions

The monthly limit of your plan refers to the number of rows successfully replicated into your destination during a given month, NOT the total number of existing rows in your destination

After you register for a free trial, you will have 14 days to use every functionality on our platform, creating up to 10 pipelines and replicating up to 5 million rows

You can upgrade to a paid plan right into our platform,

Data pipelines are responsible for replicating data from a source (such as a cloud tool or a database) into a destination (data warehouse, data lake or Google Sheets). When you create a pipeline, you select which object you want to replicate into your destination (eg: Salesforce's Leads, Pipedrive's Deals, a table from your database). All in all, a pipeline is composed of 1 source + 1 destination + the replicated object. After you create a pipeline, it will automatically start to execute at the schedule you specified on creation. You can edit everything about your pipeline at anytime. Only active pipelines count towards your plan's limit on the number of pipelines

Once a month, we will charge the credit card you registered on our platform

If you reach your monthly limit before the end of the month, your pipelines will be paused until the first day of the next month - or you can upgrade to a superior plan and they will go back to executing immediately

You can use your free trial period to estimate your future needs. If you are still not sure, get in touch with us and we will help you decide

Data sources are your tools or databases from where you want to replicate data to your data destination. Eg: Salesforce, Hubspot, MongoDB, Pipedrive, MySQL, etc

Destinations are the data lakes and data warehouses in your cloud and Gooogle Sheets. We replicate data to Google Sheets, PostgreSQL, Redshift, BigQuery, MySQL, and SQL Server. You can sent to as many destinations and you like

Our platform's principle is 'read, write and forget'. We work as a bridge between your data sources and destinations, that's why we don't store any raw data with us. Also, we mantain a list of fixed IPs that you can selectively whitelist

No. If you cancel your plan with us, we will just stop updating the data on your destinations, but the previously replicated data stays there

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